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Client: Generali

Scope: Digital Production

Date: 2020


After the strike of “Sống Như Ý” New Year campaign, Generali Vietnam successfully owned Sống Như Ý (Life the life your desire) as a ready creative platform to elaborate. The challenge now is to create interesting variants of Sống Như Ý – fused with living local insight in golden occasional moments, while keeping it true to our brand spirit.

As the International Women’s day (08/03) was approaching, our next target was firmly set to be the feminine – those who continuously bare the pressure of strict Eastern society. Apparently it’s the virtue standard and regulations that put women under a harsher grip, thus gradually makes them stack their own higher barrier to self-definition of being happy and successful.


Create a heart-fell campaign for women with key asset that’s not only entertaining to watch, but also resonating enough to move beyond traditional celebration and drive audience to interact with our new Sống Như Ý message.


International Women’s day is no extraordinary day among occasion-based marketing content. Our brief to crack is not to create a regular celebration wish, but an aspiration gift for our beloved ladies. We decided to challenge the existing barriers and normal perceptions about women being happy and successful, thus to stimulate audience to actually engage and react.

With the triumph of Sống Như Ý New Year MV, a brand new music video was chosen to kick off the campaign on Generali fanpage, followed by a series of engaging content.

Since this feminine celebration doesn’t last long, a tight 14 day plan was settled to perform a complete marketing campaign from teasing to amplifying. Despite the short given time, we impelled to spread out this inspiring message as well as maximize engagement in such critical time.


Determined that the creative idea should evolve from authentic local insight, an autonomy of audience was carried out to find the itchy spot. When mentioned women’s signature activities: we all think about home shopping, baby taking care, get-together dates and gossip. But it was fun to find out: every female get-together consists of a “catching up query”, when they ask about each other lives and give comments or advice accordingly. This spectacular session originates from loving concerns, but over-abundance of worries can bundle the invisible pressure. After all, it’s the women themselves who pile up the tension for each other.

Creating a situation circulates this fresh insight, we aim for an emotional twist in our MV that riffs off the traditional perception of being happy, then motivate our female targets to Sống Như Ý: “Don’t try to fit in others happiness, but live happily in your own way”.


Our 08/03 MV exhibited women’s portraits of various forms and characteristic colours: a wealthy lady with a land purchasing plan, a modern girl who chases after love, an outstanding workaholic with lots of achievements, a travel-lover with full-stamped passport. Among them, a woman stands out from her friends with her strange focus priority: being a mom.

The catching-up query immediately circulated around the mom: their friends took turn to show their endless regrets and give out tons of advice in desperate efforts to save her boring life. To their surprise, the mom gently explained her translation of “being happiness” and got them to realize: “Happiness of all shapes and sizes should be respected.”

The story once again was beautifully handcrafted with the spectacular music element from Sống Như Ý campaign: leverage the signature Broadway orchestra, blended with popular Đen Vâu rap style. The custom-tailored lyrics completed the recipe to create yet another inspiring musical film, ready to take audience on an exciting journey.


Music also played a decisive role in the success of the 08/03 MV. Swan Lake was chosen to feature in the first part when the ladies asked catching-up questions. This ballet soundtrack was meant to capture audience attention right away, also to set up a feminine mood. Bella Ciao melody came in to ring a bell about the preceded MV, then delicately marked the moment of understanding for the ladies.

4 well-known dreams (prosperity, travel, love and society position) were depicted clearly in the first part, then translated to another way under the 5th mom’s family prism.


  • Compelling content that quickly grasp social attentions: 1M views milestone was made in the first 1,5 day.
  • Deep connections that stayed with people after releasing key video asset: 37K reactions – 19M views.
  • 5,300 interactions recorded via 1 single followed engagement activities, proving the attractive stimulations that draw audience to react and discuss about brand message.